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The Sitdown with Sport Endorse
Standing Tall Together
Category: Professional
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by Sport Endorse
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May 04, 2021 10:13 AM PDT

On this episode, we speak with Maria O'Donnell, Sales & Marketing Manager at Nuasan, about her company's growth aspirations, her experience on the Sport Endorse platform and her views on the value offered by elite athletes for brand’s marketing objectives. 

Social links -

IG: nuasan__

IG: sport_endorse

Web : Sport Endorse Platform

Show notes:

2:06 Nuasan – Natural, Sustainable and functional products for active people and those involved in sport

6:45 How Nuasan found Sport Endorse

8:15 Involvement with professional sports people as part of marketing strategy

12:35 Athletes deal with brands that tie well with their sporting side

14:50 The aspirational element of a sports fan to use the product a sports person uses herself

15:50 Finding genuine brand ambassador that love their products beyond social media promotions

17:22 Surprised with ability to access many professional athlete on the platform

18:20 Personalised support and fair treatment on the platform

19:25 Finding the right match and building connection with athletes on the platform

21:30 Expectation setting and planning comms. with the booked athletes

23:45 Working with international athlete tie in with brands global aspirations

25:15 Expansion and growth for Nuasan across European & UK markets

27:32 Nominated in the V Awards 2021 (Fave Beauty Category)

29:30 “No matter what size your business is, there is a potential opportunity for collaboration with an elite athlete”

April 26, 2021 02:04 PM PDT

Check out this episode with John Porch, Connacht and Australian Rugby Union Player. Conor Nolan sits down with John to chat about all things rugby, his incredible return from injury to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics, positive experience of the Sport Endorse Platform and his aspirations for future. Enjoy!

Instagram Links:

Show Notes :

1:35 Grassroots - Where it all began
2:15 Rugby League VS Rugby Union
3:20 Serious Setback - Avoiding amputation and returning to play against the odds
5:55 The Comeback - Australia 7’s and selected to represent Australia at the 2016 Rio Olympics
7:30 The Olympic Opportunity
9:16 Family First - Jersey presentation at Sydney 7’s tournament
11:14 Learning about Connaught Rugby and catalyst for moving to Ireland
12:36 Kick First, Run Second - Northern Hemisphere style of play
14:33 Positives of the current climate and staying motivated by honing in on skills
15:40 How training has been affected?
17:40 Pre-match routine
18:50 Importance of sponsorship for athletes to succeed at an elite level
19:20 Difficulty for athletes to secure sponsorship or gain the attention of brands?
20:05 The Sport Endorse Platform
20:55 Working With Nuasan, Irish Biltong & Apex Nutrition
22:05 Everyone Should Join Sport Endorse!
22:30 Aspirations - Developing the next generation of indigenous Australian Wallabies
24:05 Transition - Rugbys not here forever
25:08 Legacy - Giving 110%, Loyalty, Honesty
25:40 A Trip Down Memory Lane - Favourite sporting moment
26:25 Advice For Aspiring Athletes - Have fun!
26:50 Quickfire Questions - Connaught Teammates

April 19, 2021 07:21 AM PDT

Discover what serial entrepreneur, Kevin Griffiths (Leguano & FoodForSport Ireland) has to say about building consumer brands & booking and working with elite athletes on the Sport Endorse Platform.

Instagram - @leguanoireland @foodforsport2021 @sport_endorse

Twitter - @followteamgb @manbhatia8

Show notes:

1:41 – Former station manager for Clare Morris community radio in Mayo

4:20 – Motivation to bring Leguano barefoot shoes to Ireland & UK markets

6:40 – A food range that is part of daily routine and is not separate from other nutrition required for training

8:00 – Venturing into influencer promotion to expand market for products

9:20 – Empowering athletes to supplement their training and get traction on sponsorship

11:35 – Daughter is an all-Ireland medal winner in 60m and Long jump

13:50 – Attraction to the Sport Endorse Platform

15:05 – Elite athletes offer understanding and passion towards products

17:50 – Olympic athletes should not have to worry about financial burden that comes with competing

20:55 – Sponsorship experience on the platform

22:20 – Working experience with elite athletes booked on the platform

24:40 – Transparent flow to select athletes

26:00 – Awareness marketing is key to building long term position for brand

April 12, 2021 10:51 AM PDT


You are in for a treat with this bonus episode where Sport Endorse Co-founder Declan Bourke speaks with Doug Ryder, Team Principal of Team Qhubeka Assos, a UCI World Tour Team, on a rights holder's perspective into the world of sport sponsorship, and how his team's purpose is changing lives in Africa.


Social Links :


@Team Qhubeka Assos




Show notes :

1:35 - Born in Capetown, South Africa

1:50 - British team tour to SA got him interested in cycling

3:00 - Captained SA cycling team at 96' Olympics

4:10 - Why he set up a professional cycling team

5:20 - Link with Qhubeka charity

7:50 - What sets cycling apart from other sports

10.20 - Growth of cycling in the African continent

12 :15 - Values and purpose of Team Qhubeka Assos

14:25 - Influence of purpose on the drivers and team

16:25 - Pathway for riders from the continental team to step up into 1st division world tour team

19:00 - Diversity and size of the team

20:30 - Individual meal customization for the riders

24:08 - Makeup of the team’s fanbase

25:20 - Not having a win at all cost culture

26:00 - Opportunity for sponsors/ partners to engage with team

27:30 - Impact days for sponsors and for companies

28:30 - Example of sponsor activation of high standard 

30: 30 - Team where drivers from different nationalities are connected by English

32:00 - Cost to keep a cycling team running 

33:00 - Budget to win a Grand Tour

36: 00 - What is being done for Cycling in Africa

37:00 - Things we focused on for our partners during pandemic in 2020

39:00 - Trends in sponsorship, what sponsors look for? 

42: 00 Rapid fire round -

  • Team Joker
  • Team DJ
  • Best linguist
  • Person with biggest appetite
  • Sporting hero
  • If not cycling, favourite sport
  • Best thing that has happened to you so far this week


April 12, 2021 10:39 AM PDT

Tune in to this entertaining chat with Ireland women's rugby union international, Hannah Tyrrell. Episode hosted by Conor Nolan, Athlete & Partnership Manager at Sport Endorse.


Social Links 





Show Notes

2:51 mins – Got into Rugby after playing Gaelic football for 10 years

1:52 – First call to represent Ireland

6:40 – Transitioning from Rugby Sevens to Rugby Union

7:25 – Moving into the no. 10 role for the current team

10:00 – Motivation against odds to qualify for world cup 2020 

11:10 – Typical pre-match routine

13:08 - Pre-match playlist 

14:00 – Bridging the gender equality gap 

16:40 – Taking on professional teams 

17:40 – Need for extra support from companies for women’s sport

18:30 – Sport Sponsorship makes a massive difference to athletes

19:00 – Majority of women players on team have to buy their own kits

20:45 – Favorite brands I use daily 

21:25 – Mental health ambassador and playing a part

24:05 – Future beyond sport

28:00 – Sacrifices players make when playing for country

 31:00 – Legacy 

 32 :10 – Favorite sporting moment 

 33:40 – Advice for aspiring athletes

 34:40 – Quick fire questions on the Irish Women's Rugby Team

·best dancer
·worst fashion sense
·best fashion sense
·dress room DJ
·most likely to sleep through alarm
·most likely to not answer the phone
·who is the fastest
·team joker
·late for training
·who thinks they are the most intelligent

February 08, 2021 11:09 AM PST

Don’t miss listening to the National Karate Champion and Former World European Kickboxing champion on this explosive episode. She talks about her childhood dream of representing Ireland at the Olympics, difficulties she encountered from sport governing bodies while competing at highest level, what she does to right those wrongs and how sponsorship is of massive importance to an elite athlete.

This Interview was conducted by Elaine Stenson, Radio broadcaster at Classichitsradio & Sunshine1068fm.


“From a very young age I realised that having a say is not possible in sport. Certainly, not the way the structures were, as you are expected to just go in, train, do what you are told, stay quiet, perform, win and then leave again”

“Facility wise its quite poor, I’ve never had access to a changing room, never had access to a shower and in 2021 you would think things would get better “

“For sports that are not funded without sponsorship it’s almost next to impossible to compete all the time”

“Sponsorship is one of the most important areas for an elite athlete after their talent and hard work”

“If you are a martial artist or if you are in any sport that hasn’t made the cut yet, there is no pathway for you to go in and get funded”

- Caradh O’Donovan

Show Notes

1.34 Presents a sport show every weekend on iRadio
4.08 World champion in Kickboxing switched to Karate in 2016
6.18 Living with Crohn’s disease flare ups
9.35 Meditation to manage stress
12.00 Founding member of ‘Global Athlete’ (a startup that improves conditions in sport for athletes)
13.50 Ambassador for Equity Sport (charity that brings about equal opportunity for all in sport)
15.30 Constant unfair treatment and covert punishments by governing body of sport
16.45 Issues in funding of less mainstream sports
18.10 Discrimination through the two-tiered sports system
19.20 Political agenda rather than a transparent system for sports and athletes
21.40 High performance elite athletes ignored due to profile of sport
22.35 Gender equality issues in Kickboxing
25.08 My sport hugely affected due to Covid
26.02 No specifics in health and safety outlined by IOC for athletes going to the Olympics
28.10 Loosing double income when competing, due to travel and inability to work
28.30 Favorite 5 brands
32.45 Long term plans and athlete transition program

Social(IG) Links

February 01, 2021 10:43 AM PST

Listen to Ireland's World Cup Gold medal winning Canoeist talk about his motivations to get into professional sports, how having the right sponsors backing him improves his performance and his interests beyond sport. Liam is looking for brands to support him in 2021 for competitions at Tokyo, Paris and LA. 

This Interview was conducted by Elaine Stenson, Radio broadcaster at Classichitsradio & Sunshine1068fm.


"I love cruising around in my van, so if Renault wanted to hook me up with a kitted-out van I wouldn't say no"

- Liam Jegou

Show Notes

1.50 – World cup final winning run 4.10 – Multicultural upbringing 6.45 Work feels like a game 10:00 Olympics delay meant an extra year to peak 13.30 Additional discipline to compete in 2024 Olympics 14.40 Change in sponsorship 16.29 Dream Sponsor 18.00 Difference brands and equipment makes to performance 19.20 Volunteering plans post Olympics 22:55 Interest & Hobbies

Social links


January 20, 2021 07:53 AM PST

Listen to Ireland's top ranked badminton player talk about his mind set, motivations and opinions on the world of sports and sponsorship.

This Interview was conducted by Elaine Stenson, Radio broadcaster at Classichitsradio & Sunshine1068fm.



" I take my nutrition seriously because its that extra 5 or 3% that could make a big difference in your body and in performance "

" I aim for the highest goal possible, why do it just to be not the best, you have to do it because you want to be the best "

- Nhat Nguyen


Show Notes

2.45 - Didn't like badminton early on 5.30 - Sporting Family influence 8.25 - Nutrition sponsorship 10.26 - Pre-training & post-training diet 12.18 - Sponsorship and success at elite level 15.30 - Filming TV Commercial 17:50 - 2020 a blessing in disguise 21:25 Turning point 22.35 Personal Motto 24.10 - Role Models 26.20 - Meditation to attack the day 30.10 - Advise to upcoming talent 32.10 - Aspirations for future

Social Links: 




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